Saclò Baskets for Cleaning Trolleys

Saclò baskets compatible with Cleaning Trolleys have been designed to be able to equip traditional trolleys with the innovative continuous bag system.

A simple anchoring bracket allows you to hook the Saclò basket to the trolleys structure.
We have thought of two versions: single basket and double basket in which it is possible to use two bags with the same color or two different colors where it is necessary to differentiate the waste collection.

Areas of use

  • Cleaning companies
  • Industrial cleaning services
Thanks to the innovative continuous bag system, you will have the following advantages:


No contact with waste!


50% less time to change the bag.


Unrivalled practicality in bag change.


70% less plastic.


Equivalent to 5 traditional bags


The use of Cleaning Trolleys equipped with a continuous bag system offers numerous advantages: plastic waste is reduced by up to 70% compared to the use of traditional bags; the convenience and speed of the bag change make the operator’s work more practical with a considerable saving of time; it is hygienic you do not come into contact with waste.

Buy continuous bag refill

Mini refill

Length: 60 m
Diameter: 357 mm
Material: 3-layer polyethylene


How does the innovative continuous bag system work?

3. CUT

When one bag is closed, the next is immediately ready to use!

The Saclò continuous bag system is based on a special “endless” bag (up to 110 metres long) which is unrolled, closed and cut every time the operator has to throw away the trash.

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