Why choose Saclò?

Advantages of the continuous bag system

We are eco-friendly

The continuous bag is cut when needed, reducing plastic waste by up to 70%

We save you time and money

We make you save, the time needed to change a traditional bag is twice as long as a continuous bag. Multiply the hourly cost of your employees by the average time spent changing all the bags in one year; once you have found the total cost of labour, you can now expect to save up to 50%, or to employ your personnel in other activities.

Up to 5 times larger

The continuous bag maximises waste containment, for the same size. In fact, all the air can be removed during closing, crushing the bag with two hands before closing and disposing of the bag. Experience shows that one metre of continuous bag is equivalent to 5 traditional bags of the same capacity. In fact, classic rubbish bags are often thrown away when half full and without the waste being compacted.

We guarantee hygiene

The continuous bag is always closed from the outside, without ever having to touch the waste. Think about how many bacteria come into contact with our hands every time we change a traditional bag, grasping it from the sides and touching the dirty part.

A wide range of dustbins and containers

We have a constant desire to develop solutions for every use, from restaurants to large industrial companies. All our dustbins come from the analysis of different needs and are conceived, designed and built to meet the needs of every specific market sector. When we identify a new need, we deploy all our know-how and expertise to create a tailor-made solution.

We supply quality products

We carefully select the materials and suppliers to provide you with dustbins and units that are resistant, functional and eco-friendly. We give the right importance to the design because we believe that aesthetics also plays a part in developing an eco-sustainable culture in companies.


No contact with waste!


50% less time to change the bag


Unrivalled practicality in bag change


70% less plastic.


Equivalent to 5 traditional bags

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