Saclò Roller

Dustbin for the collection of waste with the continuous bag system.

Versatile and suitable for all working environments, from industrial facilities to commercial businesses, the Roller model is available in Mini and Maxi formats, for different filling requirements and waste sizes. Equipped with wheels and a raised support surface, this dustbin is available in painted steel and stainless steel for specific needs.

Areas of use
  • Industrial facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
Roller Mini - Roller Maxi

43 cm (Mini) – 58 cm (Maxi)
94 cm (Mini) – 102 cm (Maxi)
Height adjustable:
69-95 cm (Mini) – 78-106 cm (Maxi)
Material: painted steel or stainless steel

Thanks to the innovative continuous bag system, you will have the following advantages:


No contact with waste!


50% less time to change the bag.


Unrivalled practicality in bag change.


70% less plastic.


Equivalent to 5 traditional bags


Versatile and suitable for all work environments, from industry to commerce, the Roller model is available in the Mini and Maxi format, for different filling needs and waste sizes, both equipped with wheels and a raised support surface.
It is possible to simplify the sorting of waste, according to the differentiated collection in use, by choosing the refill from the various colors available, including the biodegradable version that also for liquid waste.

The continuous bag system makes the Roller basket extremely effective in optimizing the collection and handling of waste, both in smaller environments where waste creates disorder, and in larger ones where handling is an important cost factor, both in terms of equipment and personnel.

The Roller FLEX model, with height-adjustable legs, allows you to comfortably position the Roller basket under tables or worktops, such as in industrial kitchens for the collection of organic or unsorted waste, so as not to take valuable space up for operators. The tiltable basket makes the operator’s work easier.

Buy continuous bag refill

Mini refill

Length: 60 m
Diameter: 357 m
Material: 3-layer polyethylene

Biodegradable version
Length: 40 m
Compliance: EN13432

Maxi refill

Length: 110 m
Diameter: 570 mm
Material: 3-layer polyethylene


How does the innovative continuous bag system work?

3. CUT

When one bag is closed, the next is immediately ready to use!

The Saclò continuous bag system is based on a special “endless” bag (up to 110 metres long) which is unrolled, closed and cut every time the operator has to throw away the trash.

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