Saclò Suite

Dustbin with automatic lid and continuous bag system.

Suite is the perfect dustbin for women’s toilets, where discretion and cleanliness are of paramount importance.

Areas of use
  • Public toilets (women)
Saclò Suite - Saclò Suite Plus

7,5 L (Suite) – 7,6 L (Suite Plus)
29 cm (Suite) – 26 cm (Suite Plus)
14 cm (Suite) – 10 cm (Suite Plus)
42 cm (Suite) – 40 cm (Suite Plus)
Material: ABS plastic (Suite) – Steel (Suite Plus)

Automatic opening with sensor. Replaceable batteries (autonomy: 40,000 cycles)

Thanks to the innovative continuous bag system, you will have the following advantages:


No contact with waste!


50% less time to change the bag.


Unrivalled practicality in bag change.


100% biodegradable plastic.


Automatic sensor opening.


Suite is the perfect dustbin for women’s toilets, where discretion and cleanliness are of paramount importance.

A small sensor detects the presence of a hand, automatically opening the lid to allow personal hygiene waste such as sanitary napkins, tampons or handkerchiefs to fall into the bin. The total absence of contact with the hands is very important for the hygiene and comfort of women, especially in public or company toilets where many women use the bin to throw away their used sanitary napkins.

Suite is available in ABS plastic and in refined steel (Suite Plus model), for particularly elegant environments such as restaurants, spas and clubs. The Suite bin is designed to be fixed to the bathroom wall, but is also available in the ABS version with floor support.

It contains a small continuous bag about 12 or 14 metres long which allows collecting the waste daily without touching the dirty area, limiting plastic waste as much as possible and optimising bag change times for cleaning staff.

Those who are looking to reduce environmental impact should note that the refill is made of 100% biodegradable plastic, thanks to a special additive added to the polyethylene compound.

Buy continuous bag refill

Suite refill

Length: Suite 12 m, Suite Plus 14 m
Material: Single-layer polyethylene
100% biodegradable

How does the innovative continuous bag system work?

3. CUT

When one bag is closed, the next is immediately ready to use!

The Saclò continuous bag system is based on a special “endless” bag (up to 110 metres long) which is unrolled, closed and cut every time the operator has to throw away the trash.

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